Independence Day Firefight

US and Afghan National Army forces entering the village of Darbart, Afghanistan to talk with the village elder. They arrive to find the streets empty and the elder nowhere to be found. After identifying and marking several fighting positions overlooking the village, the patrol is ambushed leaving the village by anti-Afghanistan forces using small fires, automatic fire and RPGs. US and Afghan National Army forces return fire and destroy the fighting positions using mortar, 155mm artillery fire and a 2,000lb GBU-31 bomb from a F-15.

Air Assault 4th Brigade Combat Team

U.S. Soldiers and Afghanistan soldiers conducting an air assault mission in Khost, Afghanistan. Scenes include U.S. and Afghan forces getting off the back of an military aircraft, U.S. Soldiers using dogs to search an area, Soldiers destroying a supply of weapons with a controlled detonation, Afghan soldiers handing out food to Afghan children and U.S. and Afghan forces getting back onto a military aircraft and taking off.

Afghanistan Night Ops

U.S. Soldiers and Afghan security forces conducting night operations to prepare for Afghanistan elections. Scenes include service members getting on a helicopter, views of service members on a helicopter and various views of service members on patrol. Produced by Airman 1st Class Jonathan Porter. For more see “Afghanistan Night Ops” located in package section.

Russia Supports US War Effort in Afghanistan

Russia has agreed to cooperate with the United States in Afghanistan. The agreement gives the United States the right to fly over Russian territory as it transports military equipment and personnel to support American and NATO forces in Afghanistan

The White House says the accord will permit 4,500 flights per year, saving the U.S. government $133 million annually in fuel, maintenance and other transportation costs. In addition, the Russians have waived any air navigation charges.

During a Moscow news conference on July 6 following talks with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, U.S. President Barack Obama hailed the agreement.

“This is a substantial contribution by Russia to our international effort, and it will save the United States time and resources in …

Lions’ Roar is Silenced by the Boot of Steyn

The Lions might have lost another series, but they have salvaged their ­battered reputation this tour. Seldom can there have been a more fluctuating, absorbing and thrilling international than this – the 80 minutes contained four seasons in one, and it was 13 minutes into stoppage time when the local hero, Morne Steyn, who had come off the bench in the final quarter, kicked a penalty from five yards inside his own half to seal the series and deny the ­tourists the draw that was the very least they deserved for their tactical acuity and forward power.

South Africa scored three tries to one, the third in the right corner by another replacement, Jaque Fourie, two minutes into stoppage time …

Student Jailed For Trying To Fight British in Afghanistan

A gap-year student who vowed to battle British soldiers with a Koran in one hand and a Kalashnikov in the other has been jailed.

Mohamed Abushamma, 21, was intercepted by anti-terror police in Turkey as he attempted to travel to Afghanistan to join pro-Taliban fighters.

The youth hoped to enter Afghanistan via its northern border with Tajikistan, after trekking over the mountainous border between the two countries.

Once there, he hoped to join mujihadeen fighters engaged in bloody fighting with coalition troops.

At Croydon Crown Court yesterday, Judge Mr Justice Bean sentenced Abushamma to three-and-a-half years’ imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to preparing for acts of terrorism.

His friend Qasim Abukar, 21, who travelled with him to Turkey, was cleared …

Welsh Guard Shot in The Back is Saved by His Body Armour

Lance Sergeant Daniel Collins, from 1st Battalion, Welsh Guards, has survived a bullet in the back during a recent operation in Afghanistan, thanks to the body armour he was wearing.

LSgt Collins, who is serving on operations in southern Helmand, was on a Company level operation to clear insurgents from a village when he was hit by the enemy bullet

The 26-year-old, Fire Support Group (FSG) Section Commander, from Cardigan, West Wales, described the lead up to the incident: “We were coming under sporadic fire from insurgents to our rear, as our Section moved back to the Company RV, at the end of the day’s clearance operation.

“I knelt down in an irrigation ditch in partial cover, as the …

Paul O’Connell to Lead Strong British & Irish Lions Against Sharks

Paul O’Connell will lead a strong British & Irish Lions against the Sharks on Wednesday as they look to maintain their unbeaten start to the tour of South Africa.

Ian McGeechan, the Lions head coach, has tinkered with his side again as the Lions look to bounce back from a disappointing performance in their 26-24 win over the Cheetahs in Bloemfontein.

He has returned to proven combinations in the form of Brian O’Driscoll and Jamie Roberts, who proved almost unstoppable in the Lions’ record 74-10 victory over the Golden Lions, and in the back row.

The dynamic trio of Tom Croft, Jamie Heaslip and David Wallace will all start against the Sharks, who finished sixth in the Super 14. O’Connell, …

Refusing to go to Afghanistan

ALTHOUGH IT read like the first line of a novel, everyone knew the Facebook post was nothing less than Army Spc. Victor Agosto’s declaration of independence. His friends at Under the Hood, an antiwar coffeehouse for soldiers in Killeen, Texas, knew what the sentence meant: Victor was going to refuse to deploy to Afghanistan.

But his plan went far beyond excusing himself from what he considered to be another imperialist occupation. Victor would remain on base. He would become a model of resistance, an example to other GIs who might be willing to make a principled stand against an unjust war.

Agosto enlisted in August 2005 after two years of study at Miami Dade College. “I joined for the …

6 Ways to Run Faster and Injury-Free

Running hard is good. Running smart is better. By focusing on small but important movements and body alignment, you’ll save energy, avoid injury, and sprint past your competition.

1. Feet
Running injuries are made worse whenever your heel strikes the ground. “It acts like a brake, slowing you and creating stress,” says Rick Fishell, a running coach at Athletes’ Performance in Carson, California. To prevent this, pull your toes up toward your shins as soon as they leave the ground, and aim to land on the balls of your feet.

2. Hips
The correct stride length is shorter than you may think. Your feet should land beneath your hips, says Fishell. Any longer and you’re “reaching,” which adds destructive force. …