Why it’s worth getting your hair cut at the barbers’

Your hair grows between ½in and 1in a month, but during the summer, that rate of growth speeds up, so you may need to get

Why are monobrows taboo?

Were the Cyclopes not mythical creatures, they would, by now, be strong candidates for compensation. Over the years, the one-eyed forgers of Olympus have received

Male beauty: how to control spots

When Sarah Vine first suggested this column, it seemed like a no-brainer: it was a regular gig and there’d be lots of free shampoo. Only

Nearly a third of young men now live with their parents, ONS figures reveal

Nearly a third of young men now live with their parents as the rising cost of studying and unemployment among young people limits their ability

At last Jenson Button can shine bright

Murray Walker, God bless him, used to say that F1 was “if” backwards. He also observed that “anything can happen in F1, and it usually

Jet kayaking over the Niagara Falls

What kind of a lunatic would throw himself over a giant waterfall in a flimsy piece of plastic not much bigger than a child’s toy?

F-35B to replace the RAF’s Harrier jump jet

It was the most advanced fighter jet, capable of vertical takeoff and landing, and a triumph of British engineering. But that was then.