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Tamiflu: a beginner’s guide

What does it do?Tamiflu, and the less talked-about Relenza, are antiviral drugs. They slow down the rate at which viruses infect cells in your body

Are hand sanitisers winning the war on sickness?

It’s a germ-filled world out there: swine flu and bird flu, Sars, MRSA, not to mention a host of other superbugs that threaten our health. 

Why it’s worth getting your hair cut at the barbers’

Your hair grows between ½in and 1in a month, but during the summer, that rate of growth speeds up, so you may need to get 

Why are monobrows taboo?

Were the Cyclopes not mythical creatures, they would, by now, be strong candidates for compensation. Over the years, the one-eyed forgers of Olympus have received 

Male beauty: how to control spots

When Sarah Vine first suggested this column, it seemed like a no-brainer: it was a regular gig and there’d be lots of free shampoo. Only 

Multiple personality disorder: ‘Creating personas was my way of coping with abuse’

Meeting new people is stressful for Alice Jamieson — not her real name — and it is at times of stress that her alternative personality 

What can I eat to avoid hay fever?

My annual hay fever misery has begun. I’m talking antihistamnines and using eye drops which the pharmacist advised. is there anything I can eat and 

Ron Dennis quits Formula One

Ron Dennis faced the room with a wide smile and that customary steely glint in his eye as he insisted today that he alone has 

Nearly a third of young men now live with their parents, ONS figures reveal

Nearly a third of young men now live with their parents as the rising cost of studying and unemployment among young people limits their ability 

Lack of vitamins A and C could increase chances of asthma

A diet low in vitamins A and C can increase the risk of developing asthma, researchers claim. A review of 40 studies found that people