British Army Launch Final Start Thinking Soldier Challenges as Public Takes Part in 1 Million Missions

The concluding Start Thinking Soldier mission launches on the 27th July, giving the public an opportunity to test their physical aptitude and mental fitness in virtual challenges, putting into practice expertise used by the British Army.

The launch coincides with the public taking part in 1 million online missions, utilising the Start Thinking Soldier experience to test their potential Army skills, and receive detailed feedback on their performance.

Mission 4 sees users partake in challenges that include navigating a parachute jump at night, requiring them to assess wind strength in order to reach the target destination.  Concentration and agility skills are then tested when neutralising enemy mortar threats, in timed sprints carrying weapons and mastering the use of the Javelin – a mid range anti tank weapon – in order to save local infrastructure from insurgents.

Brigadier Jolyon Jackson, Commander Army Recruiting Group comments:

“It is really satisfying to see that Start Thinking Soldier is being so widely used by the public.  We are seeing visitors to the site spending an average of 10 minutes on each mission, and the experience is providing them with valuable personal insights.  It also gives us an opportunity to better understand our potential recruits.”

The Start Thinking Soldier campaign includes a series of four missions, driving users to the website to engage and hone their skills.  Each mission involves a series of challenges encouraging participants to think strategically, learn from their actions and plan accordingly. Participants are also given feedback along the way, as well as a full debrief to give valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses. In addition to the challenges, which mirror the Army’s key areas of expertise and include teamwork, decision making, leadership and fitness, the campaign includes training modules where users can compete against their peers and get recognised on the site’s leaderboard. 

Whoever you think you want to be, whatever you think want to do, search Start Thinking Soldier now to test your own Army Skills online and find out more about the real you.