Al-Qaeda declares war on Syria militants

Al Qaeda-linked militants in Syria have declared an offensive against two other militant groups amid growing infighting among foreign-backed militants operating in the country.The Islamic

Snipers shoot at UN experts on way to chemical attack sites

Snipers in Syria have opened fire on a convoy of UN experts en route to visiting the sites of an alleged chemical weapons

Chemicals found in Syria militant tunnels

Syrian army soldiers have found chemical agents in tunnels dug by the foreign-backed militants in a northeastern suburb of the capital, Damascus, Syrian

Pentagon considering strikes on Syria: Officials

In response to recent allegations of chemical attacks in Syria, the Pentagon has begun refining its military options for possible strikes in the

Moscow, Washington to discuss Syria crisis at Hague on August 28

Senior Russian and US diplomats are set to meet at The Hague on August 28 to discuss ways to end the ongoing crisis in Syria.

‘US unclear on Syria chemical arms use’

The United States says it is still unclear about Wednesday’s use of chemical weapons in an attack near the Syrian capital Damascus that

Ban asks Syria to allow UN investigation of chemical attack

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked the Syrian government to allow a UN team of inspectors to investigate the alleged chemical attack

Anti-Syria chemical claims another Israeli false-flag operation: Expert

An analyst says Israel’s attempt to provoke the international community against the Syrian government following a recent alleged chemical attack in Damascus

Syria army launches fresh attacks on militants in Damascus countryside

The Syrian army has launched fresh attacks against foreign-backed militants near the capital, Damascus, as it continues to make gains on the ground.

Gen. Dempsey: Syrian conflict not militarily decisive

The top American military officer has warned about a US military attack against Syria, saying it would further commit Washington to a conflict