Links  –  A new website provided by ex-forces personnel to help address any bully or bullying issues you may be experiencing or have experienced whilst serving in the Navy, Army or Royal Air Force. Within the website you will find a comprehensive list of useful contactsas well as a straightforward, easy to use set of direct links to websites of other well established organisations. This allows access to a vast amount of information and advice from a wide range of providers. Our main aim at is to provide a 100% independent service for both ex-forces. Anything you tell us is in the strictest confidence.Armed Forces Pension Scheme – Invalid Pensions Taxation Error –  If you were in the Armed Forces and received either a Service Invaliding Pension (SIP) or a Service Attributable Pension (SAP), paid under the Armed Forces Pensions Scheme (AFPS) AND a War Disablement Pension (WDP) paid under the War Pensions Scheme, you may be eligible for a refund of tax paid on your AFPS pension. Widowed spouses or beneficiaries may also be eligible for a refund with respect to tax paid by the Service man or woman when he or she was alive.
To find out more ring:

Royal Navy 02392 702316 / 702220 / 702254
Army 0141 224 2351/ 2352 / 2353
RAF 01452 712612 Ext 6474 / 6476 / 6477

Army’s Family Federation  – AFF is a registered charity that acts as a unique two-way communications link between the British Army and its families.

Army Benevolent Fund  –  A charitable organisation working in partnership with Regimental and Corps Benevolent Funds and in co-operation with other service charities, is there to help soldiers get their lives back on track in times of financial need.

BFPO London – Defence Postal and Courier Services Defence Support Agency at Mill Hill London, providing postal services for The Armed Forces worldwide. This site has a link to theE-BLUEYfacility, which enables families to keep in touch with their loved ones who are on active service.

Birgelen Veterans AssociationThis site is primarily for the benefit of its members. It facilitates contact between all those who served with: 1 Wireless Regiment, Munster, 13th Signal Regiment (Radio) Birgelen and their sub-units.

British Limbless ex-Servicemens’ Association –  BLESMA is a National Charity, specifically for Limbless and Ex-Service Men and Women, their dependants and Widows. The objectives of the Association are to promote the welfare of all those of either sex who have lost a limb or limbs, or one or both eyes, or the use of limbs as a result of service in any branch of Her Majesty’s Forces or Auxiliary Forces and to assist needy dependants of such service limbless. We will also help those who lose a limb after service.

British Forces Wives  –  There are lots of sites relating to the enlisted forces personnel, but little for the wives. The site is 100% FREE and hopefully we will build a large community of wives, ex wives etc. The site is designed to be a portal offering helpful forums, a lost friend finder service, helpful hints and advice, a chat room, FREE Classifieds, polls, discussions, shopping and more.

The Royal British Legion  – The Royal British Legion is the UK’s leading charity safeguarding the welfare, interests and memory of those who have served in the Armed Forces and their dependants. It provides financial, social and emotional support to millions and its benevolence spans all age groups from the oldest to the very young.

Combat Stress –  The Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society, COMBAT STRESS.  For over 80 years, we have been the only services charity specialising in helping those of all ranks from the Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy suffering from psychological disability as a result of their service.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission  – The Commission was established by Royal Charter in 1917. Its duties are to mark and maintain the graves of the members of the forces of the Commonwealth who were killed in the two World Wars, to build memorials to those who have no known grave and to keep records and registers, including, after the Second World War, a record of the Civilian War Dead.

Department for Work and Pensions  – The Department is responsible for delivering support and advice through a modern network of services to people of working age, employers, pensioners, families and children and disabled people. Our key aims are to help our customers  become financially independent and help reduce child poverty.

E-BLUEY  – This is the facility which enables families to keep in touch with their loved ones who are on active service.

Association of Royal Navy Officers –  ARNO is both a Charitable Trust and a Social Fellowship for Serving and Retired Commissioned Officers of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Naval Nursing Service, the former Women’s Royal Naval Service, and their Reserves.

Haig Homes  –  Haig Homes is a housing association providing rental accommodation for the ex-Service community throughout the UK.

Minewarfare & Clearance Diving Officers’ Association  – The Association was formed in 1991 to perpetuate the ésprit de corps of serving and retired RN and other Commonwealth Navy Minewarfare & Clearance Diving officers.  It now has over 260 members worldwide.  The website contains joining details, news, pictures, stories and interesting facts about current MCD activity plus historical information about the development of the MW & CD Branches, naval diving, naval bomb & mine disposal and our spiritual home at HMS Vernon.

Ministry of Defence –  Ministry of Defence

NAAFI  –  Their purpose is ‘to provide community support to members of the British Forces and their families’. They bring retail and leisure services to some strange and exotic places around the world. They are an association ‘not for profit’, and a contributor to military welfare funds

NATO –  The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. This website offers immediate access to information on NATO’s policies and structures, official documents, press releases, speeches and publications and provides links to other relevant sites.

The Naval Families Federation (NFF)is the independent voice of Royal Naval and Royal Marine families.  Views can be represented through the Chain of Command, Ministry of Defence and Government. Our remit is to ensure the voice of our families is heard.

Northwood Joint Headquarters  – The official website of the Northwood Joint Headquarters, home to the
National Commands of Fleet, the Permanent Joint Headquarters and 3 Group, and the NATO Commands of East Atlantic, Submarines East Atlantic and Maritime Air East Atlantic.

The Officers’ Association  – The Officers’ Association is a charity dedicated to assisting officers who have retired or are about to retire from Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. The Association was founded in 1919 and received the Royal Charter in 1921.

Oswald Stoll Organisation –  Provides housing and services to disabled and homeless ex-Service personnel

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder –  This web site has been created for ex-servicemen & women who think they are suffering from PTSD.

Royal Air Force Association –  RAFA Welfare covers a wide range of welfare services for all members of the Air Force Family.

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund  –  The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund exists to provide assistance to those of the extended Royal Air Force Family who need support as a consequence of poverty, sickness, disability, accident, infirmity or other adversity.This extended family embraces all ranks, male and female, who are serving or have served in the Royal Air Force or its associated Air Forces, their widows, widowers and dependants.

Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Officers Club  – a club for serving and retired Officers and Warrant Officers from Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal / Explosive Ordnance Disposal units.  Our aim is to promote and sustain an ongoing liaison between those now serving in both of the Royal Engineers EOD Regiments and all officers and warrant officers, serving or retired, who have served in Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal or EOD, in wartime or in peace, including the ‘Z’ Reserve, National Service, Army Emergency Reserve, TA&VR, Territorial Army and the Regular Army.

Regular Forces Employment Association –  Assists ex-regular Servicemen and women to find employment throughout their working life. Offers employers access to staff they can rely on.

Royal Marine Benevolent Fund –  The principal purpose of the fund is to benefit persons who are serving or who have served in the Royal Marines, or their dependants, to relieve need, hardship or distress.

Royal Sailors’ Rests  –  RSR (Royal Sailors’ Rests), founded 125 years ago and affectionately known as Aggies, is a Christian charity that provides ‘people, places and projects’ in support of the Royal Naval Service.
RSR works closely with the NPFS (Naval Personal Family Service) and the Royal Naval Chaplaincy with on base CSWs (Chaplaincy Support Workers) at  HMS DRAKE, HMS NELSON,  HMS SEAHAWK (RNAS Culdrose), HM Naval Base Clyde, CTCRM (Commando Training Centre Royal Marines).
Places: RSR provides Christian, alcohol free family leisure centres for serving personnel and their families situated close to the Naval Port areas at: ;
RSR Rowner, Grange Road, Rowner, Gosport – 023 9258 2509;
RSR Helensburgh – ‘Braeholm’, 31 East Montrose Street, Helensburgh –
01436 672 854 (including first class accommodation with 17 single and double rooms – all ensuite)
Projects: NVQ Courses; Freephone self help debt support through the RSR / Credit Action partnership; access to cheap phone calls through the RSR “Aggies” phone card; RNAS Culdrose – RSR Cybercafe.
The RSR news magazine, “Ashore & Afloat” and ‘keeping in touch’ newsletter are published periodically.

Supporting Britain’s Reservists and Employers (SaBRE) –  Formerly the National Employers’ Liaison Committee (NELC). Provides information about Reservists’ Training and Mobilisation commitments and the safeguards that are in place to protect both employers and Reservists’ should conflicts of interest arise.

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association– Forces Help  – They are the national charity helping serving and ex-Service men, women and their families in need. Committed to helping people in need, suffering or distress, regardless of age or condition.

St Dunstans  – Caring for Blind ex-Service Men and Women – A blind man with a vision founded St Dunstan’s in 1915 to train and support the war blind. His vision was that, given training, blind servicemen should be restored from being simply the recipients of charity, to people who could lead independent, useful and satisfying lives.

Territorial Army and Reservists –  Lists some comprehensive questions and answers to assist deployed TA and Reservists.

Tidworth Polo Club (Combined Services) –  The Tidworth Polo Club has won itself the reputation for providing for its members and visitors the most enjoyable polo and the best polo courses and instruction at low goal level in the country.

United Nations –  The purposes of the United Nations, as set forth in their Charter, are to maintain international peace and security; to develop friendly relations among nations; to cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems and in promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; and to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in attaining these ends.

Veterans Agency –  Veterans Agency – listing all services available to Veterans.

Veterans Agency – War Pension Claims –  For all War Pension information and how to make a claim.

Veterans Agency – Graves – For all information regarding Military Graves and Memorials.

Veterans Agency – Medals –  For all information regarding Lost Medals or unclaimed medals,

Veterans Agency – Pensions –  Information regarding Armed Forces Service Pensions Scheme

Veterans Agency – Records – For information on all questions relating to Service records.

Victoria Cross  – Comprehensive site with everything you need to know about the Victorious Cross

War Widow’s Association  –  War Widow’s Association of Great Britain