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DOD Identifies Army Casualties

DOD Identifies Army Casualties
The Department of Defense announced today the deaths of two soldiers who were supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

UK guard faces death penalty in Iraq

A British security guard faces the death penalty for the murder of two of his colleagues in a drunken rampage at a bar 

US troops kill 5 Iraqi bystanders

  Iraqis witnessing the arrival of US infantrymen on their rooftop have lost their lives 

Bombing kills 2 US troops, 5 Iraqis

An bomb has been set off near a US military patrol in eastern Iraq, killing seven people, including two US troopers, and wounding more than 

Suspected Al-Qaeda leader arrested in west Mosul, Iraq

A suspected Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader was arrested on Wednesday by Iraqi Security Forces during a joint security operation in west Mosul, the 

U.S. Soldier Arrested In Connection With Wikileaks Inquiry

Bradley Manning, 22, He was serving in the 2nd Brigade of the 10th Mountain

34 Al Qaeda leaders captured or killed in Iraq, says US

t least 34 top Al Qaeda leaders in Iraq have been captured or killed over the past three months, a top US military official 

US soldier dies in Iraqi capital

At least one American service member has been killed in the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad, the US military has announced. In 

US soldier serving in Iraq loses home because of debt

US soldier Michael Clauer

US drone found in Mosul arms depot

Iraqi military forces have discovered an unmanned aerial vehicle, belonging to the US Army, among a cache of weapons and explosives in a depot in