Iraq bombings, shootings kill 35, injure dozens: Security officials

A new wave of deadly attacks and armed clashes in Iraq have killed at least 35 people and injured dozens more, according to security and hospital sources.

All of the deadly incidents occurred on Tuesday.

Six car bombs exploded in three cities of Amara, Hillah, and Nasiriyah — south of the capital Baghdad. At least 10 civilians were killed in the blasts, with some 100 others wounded.

Another explosion, which hit a crowded café in a village north of Baghdad, left five civilians dead.

Gunmen also shot dead two senior police officers and a civilian in the north of Iraq, while a bomb killed a university employee in his car.

And Iraqi security forces said sixteen militants were killed north of Baghdad. Nine died in an apparent armed clash between two militant groups, while seven other militants were killed by security forces in two separate clashes.

Meanwhile, Iraqi officials say security forces have arrested some 120 militants, many of them members of al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups.

The security forces destroyed two militant training camps and a site where explosive-laden cars were set up.

The incidents are the latest in a string of attacks across Iraq that have left more than 4,400 people dead since the beginning of 2013.

According to the United Nations, a total of 1,057 Iraqis, including 928 civilians, were killed and another 2,326 were wounded in terrorist attacks throughout the country in July – the deadliest month since 2008.

On July 30, Iraq’s Interior Ministry said that militants have launched an open war in Iraq and they want to push the Middle Eastern country into chaos.