Soldier dad reunited with family after Iraq

A SCUNTHORPE soldier, who completed a six month tour in Iraq, has been reunited with his son and awarded a medal for his service.

Corporal Leon Bradley, 27, was sent to the controversial war zone when baby Blake was just four weeks old.

Having returned safely, to add to the celebrations of being reunited with his family, Corporal Bradley was awarded the Iraq Operational Medal for his service.

But he said he was most delighted he would now be able to spend time with Blake and his partner Nicola Crossley, 28.

“When I left for Iraq, my son was only a month old,” he said.

“I’m very excited about being a dad again.

“I’ve missed them both a lot and it will be great to spend some time with them over the summer.”

Corporal Bradley was one of 80 soldiers from 214 squadron, part of 2nd Signal Regiment, returning home.

Medals were awarded to the soldiers at Imphal Barracks in York, the unit’s home.

And 214 Squadron’s commanding officer said his men deserved their reward after a hard and dangerous tour in Iraq.

Captain Damien Corcoran said: “The 214 Squadron’s job in Iraq was to provide a broad spectrum of communication and information system to allow all of the British Forces in the operational theatre to communicate securely.”