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Video Shows Afghan Attack on US convoy

Before reading the latest news, we have something fun to offer you. For all military lovers, we have a list of various battle featured mobile casino games with different bonus offers, and free spins, that will not only help you win the battles but also will bring you real money. All you need to do is to follow, no matter the kind of mobile device you own. New footage obtained by Press TV Military News Afghanistan fighters attacking a US supply convoy in the northeast province of Kunar.

The convoy had entered Afghanistan through Torkham border in the east and was carrying supplies, including fuel, for a US military base in the province.

The convoy was escorted by …

Independence Day Firefight

US and Afghan National Army forces entering the village of Darbart, Afghanistan to talk with the village elder. They arrive to find the streets empty and the elder nowhere to be found. After identifying and marking several fighting positions overlooking the village, the patrol is ambushed leaving the village by anti-Afghanistan forces using small fires, automatic fire and RPGs. US and Afghan National Army forces return fire and destroy the fighting positions using mortar, 155mm artillery fire and a 2,000lb GBU-31 bomb from a F-15.

Air Assault 4th Brigade Combat Team

U.S. Soldiers and Afghanistan soldiers conducting an air assault mission in Khost, Afghanistan. Scenes include U.S. and Afghan forces getting off the back of an military aircraft, U.S. Soldiers using dogs to search an area, Soldiers destroying a supply of weapons with a controlled detonation, Afghan soldiers handing out food to Afghan children and U.S. and Afghan forces getting back onto a military aircraft and taking off.

Afghanistan Night Ops

U.S. Soldiers and Afghan security forces conducting night operations to prepare for Afghanistan elections. Scenes include service members getting on a helicopter, views of service members on a helicopter and various views of service members on patrol. Produced by Airman 1st Class Jonathan Porter. For more see “Afghanistan Night Ops” located in package section.