Video Shows Afghan Attack on US convoy

Before reading the latest news, we have something fun to offer you. For all military lovers, we have a list of various battle featured mobile casino games with different bonus offers, and free spins, that will not only help you win the battles but also will bring you real money. All you need to do is to follow https://ukmobilecasinos.uk/, no matter the kind of mobile device you own. New footage obtained by Press TV Military News Afghanistan fighters attacking a US supply convoy in the northeast province of Kunar.

The convoy had entered Afghanistan through Torkham border in the east and was carrying supplies, including fuel, for a US military base in the province.

The convoy was escorted by …

Independence Day Firefight

US and Afghan National Army forces entering the village of Darbart, Afghanistan to talk with the village elder. They arrive to find the streets empty and the elder nowhere to be found. After identifying and marking several fighting positions overlooking the village, the patrol is ambushed leaving the village by anti-Afghanistan forces using small fires, automatic fire and RPGs. US and Afghan National Army forces return fire and destroy the fighting positions using mortar, 155mm artillery fire and a 2,000lb GBU-31 bomb from a F-15.

Air Assault 4th Brigade Combat Team

U.S. Soldiers and Afghanistan soldiers conducting an air assault mission in Khost, Afghanistan. Scenes include U.S. and Afghan forces getting off the back of an military aircraft, U.S. Soldiers using dogs to search an area, Soldiers destroying a supply of weapons with a controlled detonation, Afghan soldiers handing out food to Afghan children and U.S. and Afghan forces getting back onto a military aircraft and taking off.

Afghanistan Night Ops

U.S. Soldiers and Afghan security forces conducting night operations to prepare for Afghanistan elections. Scenes include service members getting on a helicopter, views of service members on a helicopter and various views of service members on patrol. Produced by Airman 1st Class Jonathan Porter. For more see “Afghanistan Night Ops” located in package section.

Alone in The Dark

This action-survival game challenges players to investigate shadowy conspiracies that surround Central Park in New York City.

Things do not start off well for Edward Carnby in the latest incarnation of Alone in the Dark, as we found out rather quickly after heading over to see Atari for our first chance to spend hands-on time with his latest adventure.

Alone in the Dark opens with the protagonist waking up in a drug-induced stupor, with no memory of who he is, where he is, or what is going on around him. The first hint of sinister goings-on comes from a conversation that starts to slowly bring you around, before the people who are talking realise you’re awake and promptly march you …

Hellboy: The Science of Evil Hands-On

We venture into Romanian graveyards to smash everything in sight with our giant, red fist.

Last night, we had the opportunity to attend Konami’s Gamer’s Night event here in San Francisco. After focusing on the big guns during its opening presentation, Konami gave us the chance to play a number of other upcoming games. Among the selection was Hellboy: The Science of Evil, a tie-in to the upcoming Hellboy film sequel subtitled The Golden Army. Scheduled for release June 24 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PSP, this brawler features a stylized look reminiscent of the graphic novel and a combat system where the line between enemies and weapons is often blurred. Have you tried the Hellboy-themed slots games? …

Call Of Duty 5 – World Exclusive Hands On!

In the meagre nine months since its release, Call Of Duty 4 has bagged no less than eighteen industry awards, notching up perfect scores from anyone fortunate enough to review it. And with more than 30 million man-hours of online play still taking place every single week, Modern Warfare remains one of the most popular games of all time.

The good news is that sequel is due out this November. The bad news? It’s being made by a completely different development team. The people behind the decidedly duff Call Of Duty 3, no less. And you can forget AK-47s and C4 booby-traps – CoD5 flings you back into the muddy trenches of World War II. As sequels go, it’s …

Iron Man

Ten years ago, Stan Lee was frustrated about the inability to get impressive versions of Marvel Comics super heroes to the movie screen.

“It seemed as if so many of them were tied up with contracts here and copyrights there,” Lee said during a recent phone interview.

Obviously, all the obstacles were eventually worked out, because Lee has seen many of his co-creations become successful films since the 21st century began. None have been better than “Iron Man” (Paramount, 2008, $39.99), which tops the list of Blu-ray releases this week.

Except, perhaps, for the first Spider-Man film, “Iron Man” is arguably the best Marvel super hero movie to date. Its special effects are first rate, its story unfolds crisply and …