Two militants blown up by own explosives in Uruzgan province

At least two militants were blown up by own explosives in southern Uruzgan province of Afghanistan.

Defense minitry spokesman, Gen. Zahir Azimi, said the incident took place in Khas Uruzgan district after the militants struck with the improvised explosive device (IED).

Gen. Azimi furhter added that Afghan national army soldiers discovered and seized at least 99 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) during military operations in past 24 hours.

According to Gen. Azimi, at least 40 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) were discovered during the operations from southern Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Gen. Azimi also added that a number of militants were killed or injured and 21 different types of weapons along with ammuntion and explosives were seized during seprate operations in eastern Logar province of Afghanistan.

Afghan national army soldiers also discovered and seized 10 Afghan security forces uniforms and explosive devices during operations in Sangin distirct, Gen. Azimi said.