Coalition Forces Target Haqqani Network Facilitator in Khost

Afghan and coalition forces targeted a Haqqani Network facilitator who operates in Khost district, Khost province, detaining several suspected insurgents during a security operation in the province yesterday.

The Haqqani Network facilitator moves weapons and supplies for attacks in Kabul City and in Khost province. He has direct ties to other Haqqani Network leaders in the area. Recent reporting indicates he received a shipment of weapons and supplies and stored them in the local area for future attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

Security forces followed leads to a targeted location in Nadir Shah Kot district, where Afghan forces called for all occupants to exit out of the buildings peacefully before conducting a search. Several suspected insurgents were detained based on initial questioning at the scene.

The security force recovered a shotgun, rocket-propelled grenade launcher parts, 300 pounds (136 kilograms) of improvised explosive device making material and ammunition at the scene.