Security Forces Detain 2 Haqqani Network Leaders in Nangarhar

Afghan and coalition forces detained two Haqqani Network leaders along with one suspected insurgent during a joint security operation in Nangarhar province yesterday.

Both Haqqani Network leaders operated in Chaparhar district where they planned, organized and facilitated attacks on Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan officials in Jalalabad City and coalition forces in the area.

The first leader was also responsible for conducting attacks against Afghan checkpoints and infrastructure developments in the district using improvised explosive devices and small-arms attacks, according to recent reporting. He also was involved in the Forward Operating Base Fenty attack in November 2010.

Recent reporting indicates, the second Haqqani Network leader attempted to purchase stinger missiles for a future attack on Jalalabad Airfield.

The security force followed intelligence tips to the targeted compound in Chaparhar district. Afghan forces called for all occupants to exit the compound peacefully before the joint security force cleared and secured the building. After the area was secure, the security force conducted initial questioning at the scene before detaining the two Haqqani Network leaders along with one suspected insurgent.