ISAF confirms Haqqani leader status in Khost

The International Security Assistance Force confirmed Usman, a Haqqani Network leader, was killed during an Afghan and coalition operation in Khost Dec. 18.

Usman was responsible for coordinating and conducting attacks on coalition bases in the Khost area.

Intelligence reports led the security force to a compound in Terezai district to search for the leader. As the security force arrived at the targeted location armed insurgents threatened the security force. The force followed the insurgents and when shot upon returned fire resulting in Usman and several insurgents being killed.

The force continued to the targeted compound where Afghan forces used a loudspeaker to call all the occupants to exit the compound peacefully before the joint force cleared and secured the buildings. The Afghan and coalition forces detained several suspects based on initial questioning at the scene. The force recovered multiple weapons to include a suicide vest, pistol, chest racks and grenades. All weapons discovered on the objective were destroyed in place.

The assault force protected the women and children for the duration of the search.