Insurgents killed, 10,000 anti-aircraft rounds found in Kandahar

A coalition air weapons team killed more than 20 insurgents in the Spin Boldak District of Kandahar province Thursday after coming under fire from the insurgents.

When the air weapons team received small-arms and machine gun fire from a large group of insurgents, it returned fire with rockets and the aircraft’s 30 mm cannon.

Following the engagement, Afghan and coalition forces on the ground discovered a cache of 20 improvised explosive devices and four machine guns and captured a vehicle and 17 motorcycles.
Initial operational reporting states there were no civilian casualties.

In a separate operation Thursday in the Zharay District of Kandahar, Afghan and coalition forces discovered a large stockpile of anti-aircraft rounds while conducting a dismounted patrol.

The cache included 50 cases of DShK rounds, with each case containing 200 rounds. The patrol also found six mortar rounds.

Coalition forces transported the cache to a forward operating base.