Coalition troops target Taliban commander

An Afghan National Security and International Security Assistance Force patrol came under heavy fire while attempting to detain a Taliban leader in the Jawand District of Badghis province Oct. 2.

The Taliban leader is the shadow governor of the Jawand District. He is also responsible for providing improvised explosive devices for use in Kabul against Afghan and coalition forces and commands approximately 60 insurgents who are responsible for attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

The joint force searched the target village, calling out to the inhabitants. This resulted in 15 women and 45 children being protected and five suspected insurgents being detained.

During the search of the village, the patrol found one loaded AK-47, one rocket-propelled grenade launcher, four RPGs and 200 rounds of ammunition.

As the patrol finished searching the village, they were engaged with heavy small-arms fire from the mountains above them. The patrol called in air support, resulting in 16 insurgents killed and seven wounded.

Initial reports indicate no civilians were injured during the mission