ISAF Confirms Status of Insurgent Leaders in Ghazni, Takhar

The International Security Assistance Force confirmed a Taliban leader was detained and Nurullah Bai, a high-ranking Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader, was killed during Afghan and coalition operations in Ghazni and Takhar provinces Jan. 21 and 25 respectively.

The now detained Taliban leader, in addition to being the Gelan district Taliban leader, led a group of insurgents who actively attack Afghan National Security and coalition forces with improvised explosive devices, direct/indirect fires and targets aircraft with heavy machine guns. He was in direct contact with Taliban leaders in the area.

Nurullah Bai was an Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan leader specializing in IED attacks against Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan officials. He also coordinated the district Taliban leader’s movements, distributes funds, facilitates ammunition deliveries and was involved in a drug trafficking network between Badakhshan province and Tajikistan. He maintained close connections with the Taliban shadow governor for Takhar province, al-Qaida facilitators and other IMU insurgents in the area.