Barack Obama calls shots on Predator Drone strikes in Afghanistan

They are part of the governments secret covert operations in the war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Predator Drones that are unmanned are taking out a lot of targets and Barack Obama has authorized more strikes than George Bush. There based on some of the most sophisticated technology in the world and  James Bond would be lucky to acquire one. Loaded with aptly named “Hell Fire” missiles, most of the al-Qaeda and Taliban targets don’t know what hit them. Here’s the interesting part, the remote pilots that control these robotic planes equipped with infra red sensors and laser guided missiles are right here in America. As you’ll see in the video when the laser guided “hell fire” missiles hit their target the results are stunning. All you have left is scorched earth, rubble,  and bodies flying everywhere.

That’s right, they control the plane in Afghanistan from a control ground system thousands of miles away in the U.S. Some are based in Las Vegas. others are in Washington, on easy days they kill 5 al-Qaeda members and are home before dinner gets cold. Using joysticks that resemble video-game controls, the operators sit next to intelligence officers and watch, on large  monitors, a live video from the drone’s camera. Some CIA agents have trigger authority.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems manufactures the “drones” and  the United states plans to buy  hundreds more, including the latest “nano” drones, which can fly after their targets like a killer bee through an open window. It’s not too safe to be an al-Qaeda member right now, expect the number of predator drone attacks to increase in the next few months.  They save soldiers lives and the public and Congress agrees for the most part. These counter terrorism robots are life savers.

The Predator program is described by many in the intelligence world as America’s single most effective weapon against Al Qaeda