Taliban video purportedly shows captured U.S. soldier

The Taliban has released a new video that purportedly shows an American soldier captured in Afghanistan last summer.

Pfc. Bowe Robert Bergdahl, 23, disappeared from his combat outpost in southeastern Paktika province sometime after he finished his guard duty shift on the night of June 29.

The identity of the man in the latest video has not yet been confirmed. But the man, who is wearing U.S. Army combat fatigues stripped of the name tag and rank, identifies himself as Bergdahl.

The man in the video also emphasizes that he has been treated humanely.

His family in Idaho has been waiting anxiously ever since the Taliban said last week that a video release was imminent, according to Lt. Col. Tim Marsano, public affairs officer for the Idaho National Guard who has been serving as a liaison between Bergdahl’s family and the media.

Marsano Friday told CNN’s Barbara Starr he has been trying to reach the Bergdahl family all night but has been unable to do so. Idaho has been slammed by power outages and sub-zero weather, he said.

Bergdahl, an airborne infantryman, also appeared in a 28-minute Web video released by the Taliban in July, in which he was calm but became emotional when speaking about his girlfriend and family and going home.