Taliban Announces Capture Of “Drunk” US Soldier Missing in Afghanistan

A Taliban commander has said his group is holding an American soldier that went missing since June 30 in Afghanistan, and was believed to be in enemy hands.  Mawlawi Sagin who claims to be commander of Taliban fighters in Paktika province, told media that his men captured an American soldier along with three Afghan counterparts. His statement made from an undisclosed location via telephone, also gives some insight as to perhaps why there has been no explanation for the soldier mysteriously leaving the base. Sagin said the  men were arrested Thursday morning in Yusuf Khil district while they were apparently drunk. U.S. defense sources have previously said the soldier “just walked off” post with three Afghans after he finished working.
Sagin also added ominously that video of the hostages would be released soon and Taliban leadership would decide the fate of the arrested U.S. soldier, who is the first service member, made captive since launching U.S.-led military campaign against Taliban regime in late 2001.