Thirteen NATO-Led Troops Killed in Afghanistan

Thirteen NATO-Led Troops Killed in Afghanistan

A roadside bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan has killed four U.S. soldiers.

The NATO-led ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) confirmed the report Sunday.

Also Sunday, another ISAF soldier was killed by an insurgent attack in southern Afghanistan. The nationality of that soldier has not been disclosed. It is ISAF policy not to release the nationality of any casualty prior to the relevant national authority doing so.

A total of 13 ISAF and Afghan soldiers were killed on the weekend.

Taliban insurgents reportedly claimed responsibility for the roadside bomb that killed the four U.S. soldiers. The attack occurred as a convoy was traveling in the province of Nangarhar.

On Saturday a French soldier and five Afghan troops were killed in a gun battle with militants in Kapisa province. A British soldier died in an explosion in southern Afghanistan, while another ISAF soldier, whose nationality was not disclosed, was killed in a traffic accident in the north of the country.

Violence has flared in war-torn Afghanistan in recent months prompting the U.S. to deploy several thousand additional soldiers to the country in an attempt to stabilize the security situation.

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